Welcome to the official Sharecipe blog!  Sharecipe is pronounced Share-ci-pē.  This is where we will keep you up to date on our progress in launching Sharecipe and any news, events, and milestones we have.

How does Sharecipe work?  It is SO easy.  Just think social networking (like Facebook) for recipe sharing.  All you need to do once you login is to find your friends, “friend” them, and then add a few of your favorite recipes so they can see.  You can be “Shareciping” within minutes!  My favorite features of Sharecipe are the New Recipes, where you can see the most recently added recipes on your network, and the Food for Thought, where you can ask any question, like “Need dinner ideas!” to your network.

I started Sharecipe in September 2007 together with my husband Alex.  I am a self-professed “learning” cook, in that between college, working full-time in tech, becoming a mom of three and eventually a SAHM I have gradually come to cook more and more but in NO means am I especially talented or gifted in the art of cooking.  In fact, I tend to lean towards mainly cooking recipes I have eaten before at a family or friend’s house or my old standbys that I know I can do well…and quickly.

When we moved to Madison in June 2007 from San Francisco, Alex found himself devoid of his mom’s cooking and I felt disconnected from my friends and all of our gatherings around food.  This is where the idea of Sharecipe was born.  We figured there HAD to be a better way for us to keep connected with our friends and family, near and far around food.  Seeing what everyone is cooking, being able to ask questions, share notes, tips and tricks.  And for me to know that whatever I cook from friends and family we love, we know we will love too.

So we hope you enjoy Sharecipe and that it also keeps you connected, inspired and cooking with the people you love!