We are so excited to announce that on May 15th we started our private beta test group for Sharecipe! It has been so much fun for me and Alex to see people join, add recipes and start connecting with each other.   Already there’s been so many great recipe questions, comments, Food for Thought “updates” on what’s cooking, and most importantly….over 90 WONDERFUL recipes added!  Woo hoo!

The Beta site will be launched externally very soon  so get your recipes ready!  And if you want to be fancy, start taking pictures of your meals as you make them: they will make your recipes even more fabulous on Sharecipe.

And not to be sappy, but we already feel the amazing connection with our friends and family through seeing their favorite recipes, comments, posts and making some of their killer meals!  We feel blessed to have such amazing, supportive people in our lives and the opportunity to cook with them (even if they aren’t in our house!) has been so inspirational.  And to my mom, thank you for being the ultimate mom, cook, organizer and therapist…love you.


Our yummy Fish Tacos

Our yummy Fish Tacos