August 2009

I am off to San Francisco for a much needed reconnect with my wonderful friends and family and to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.  And did I mention I will be taking my seven year old son Owen with me?  And I will be having a few meetings?  Life as a mom entrepreneur means even the best intentioned girls trip evolves into more.  Not that I am complaining, just stating the facts of how things change and how you need to adapt your expectations and enjoy every moment.

I will be taking Owen by our old house in Noe Valley which will surely bring up some bittersweet emotions in me.  It was our first home which we bought together in 2001 and was OUR perfect home in every way.  It was the house we brought Owen and Brady home from the hospital to.  The home we spent so many nights dancing, happy, dreaming, laughing and in general so optimistic of the future.  The home we put our hearts and soul into painting, gardening, setting up nurseries (even one in the “bonus” room, i.e. hallway, outside of the master bedroom), and in general enjoying so far the best five years of our lives.

I am so happy, albeit a little anxious, to be able to go back and can’t wait to see everyone.  And I will surely be eating well, even though I won’t be cooking…I will have the fabulous chefs at A 16 to help with that!



Last month I had a great conversation about Sharecipe with Nancy O’Mallon from AboutHarvest, the production company behind the great site Stories About Food.  Nancy is an award-winning filmmaker and has a passion for food and telling stories about recipes and personal connections around food.  She contacted me to talk about Sharecipe and instantly understood our company mission and the value of our site.  Nancy is also a mother and while her daughter is older than our children, she explained that the connection around her dinner table has become even more important as the years have gone on.  The sharing of recipes and keeping up personal connections through communities, families, friends and neighbors is what it is all about.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! It is a rainy Friday night here and we decided to have “breakfast for dinner” tonight which features pancakes and berries.  Kids loved it and now it is clean up time 🙂



Brady and his adorable cousin Charlie from NY

Brady and his adorable cousin Charlie from NY

We are starting the great tomato season here in Wisconsin.  Last week we received from our CSA farm (Luna Circle) a box with the first gorgeous tomatoes and this week there were even more!   I have decided to use the tomatoes and zucchini this week for a summer vegetable pasta salad (see link below).

Here is a picture of some my great veggies…

Tomatoes and Green Beans from "our" Farm!

Tomatoes and Green Beans from "our" Farm!

I will be making this wonderful Pasta salad (one of my favorites!) for Alex and the kids.  I hope you enjoy this salad as much as we do!

Check out Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad on

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Happy cooking!  And don’t forget to invite your friends to join Sharecipe to enter into our next summer drawing!


This weekend we concluded our first ever Sharecipe giveaway. The July contest was to add recipes and for each recipe you were entered into the drawing for (3) $100 Amex Gift Cheques. In total we came close to doubling the amount of recipes on Sharecipe (YEA!) which will hopefully make Sharecipe more fun for everyone as we look for new cooking ideas and recipes. I have had such fun watching everyone add such delicious, inspiring recipes and have tried many but have so many more to go. Thank you again!

Since we are a start-up, and let’s face it, in budget mode, we did the drawing the good old low-tech way. We assigned each person who entered the contest a number, then put that number in the bowl the amount of times of the “recipes” they added.

August 2009 009

Owen picking the first winner

Then we decided to get the kids in on the fun and went into our backyard and had Owen, Brady and Lily do the drawing. Owen was incredibly excited and of course needed to pick first, then Brady went and reached in and grabbed a number. All was smooth until it was Lily’s turn….when she did what most 19 month olds do and first decided she didn’t want to do it, then after we all pulled and urged her on, she reached in and grabbed about ten and tried to put them in her mouth. This was much to the horror of her older brothers and they quickly started screaming “No Lily, No Lily”! So we  readjusted, put the numbers back and then Owen finished it by picking the last winner.

Lily "helping"

Lily "helping"

Congratulations to Delta Smith, Nicole Smith and Diann Condon, our winners of the $100 Amex Gift Cheques!

New in August!
We are doing another contest in August, but this time you get entered in the drawing for every friend who joins your network through Invite a Friend. Each new friend must be new to Sharecipe. We hope this encourages you to expand your community and start sharing cooking ideas, recipes, and tips with your friends and family.

Also, we just added new features to Sharecipe!!! “Share This” enables you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Digg and send recipes in emails and text messages. Also, we are now opening up “All Recipes” so you can see more recipes on Sharecipe!

And lastly, Happy Birthday to my two sons, Owen and Brady, who have their birthdays in August. Owen will turn 7 years old on August 6th (and has requested steak and frites….so french!) and Brady turns 4 on August 14th. I can’t believe how big they are getting, makes me feel happy, proud and sad all together. Owen had his birthday party last week at Laser Tag (what a crazy, intense place that is) and Brady is having his party at the Little Gym in a few weeks. Never a dull moment.

So we are off to Northern Wisconsin for our first and last summer vacation tomorrow. My in-laws are coming from Oakland with our niece to experience “up north” for the first time. We are hoping for good weather but I KNOW we will have good food. I have planned some great Sharecipe meals and will update this with pictures and stories when we return next week.

Happy cooking!


August 2009 017

Owen, Brady, me and Lily