Last month I had a great conversation about Sharecipe with Nancy O’Mallon from AboutHarvest, the production company behind the great site Stories About Food.  Nancy is an award-winning filmmaker and has a passion for food and telling stories about recipes and personal connections around food.  She contacted me to talk about Sharecipe and instantly understood our company mission and the value of our site.  Nancy is also a mother and while her daughter is older than our children, she explained that the connection around her dinner table has become even more important as the years have gone on.  The sharing of recipes and keeping up personal connections through communities, families, friends and neighbors is what it is all about.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! It is a rainy Friday night here and we decided to have “breakfast for dinner” tonight which features pancakes and berries.  Kids loved it and now it is clean up time 🙂



Brady and his adorable cousin Charlie from NY

Brady and his adorable cousin Charlie from NY