I am off to San Francisco for a much needed reconnect with my wonderful friends and family and to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.  And did I mention I will be taking my seven year old son Owen with me?  And I will be having a few meetings?  Life as a mom entrepreneur means even the best intentioned girls trip evolves into more.  Not that I am complaining, just stating the facts of how things change and how you need to adapt your expectations and enjoy every moment.

I will be taking Owen by our old house in Noe Valley which will surely bring up some bittersweet emotions in me.  It was our first home which we bought together in 2001 and was OUR perfect home in every way.  It was the house we brought Owen and Brady home from the hospital to.  The home we spent so many nights dancing, happy, dreaming, laughing and in general so optimistic of the future.  The home we put our hearts and soul into painting, gardening, setting up nurseries (even one in the “bonus” room, i.e. hallway, outside of the master bedroom), and in general enjoying so far the best five years of our lives.

I am so happy, albeit a little anxious, to be able to go back and can’t wait to see everyone.  And I will surely be eating well, even though I won’t be cooking…I will have the fabulous chefs at A 16 to help with that!