I often find myself with a few minutes on my hands, either somewhere between meetings, carpool or other various trips around town.  I wish I could say I always plan out my days perfectly, writing down the days events and leaving no time unproductive.  But in my life as much as I try to prepare in advance,  inevitably I find myself off schedule and trying to adjust on the fly.

One feature on Sharecipe I use all the time is accessing recipes using my Blackberry (it works for iPhones too!).  I do this in one of two ways:

1.  Access the internet through my phone, go to www.sharecipe.com, use the search function to find the recipe I need.

2.  In the morning or night before when I am on Sharecipe, I use the “Share This” function, choose “email”, plug in my email address and voila.  Once I am in the grocery store I whip out my phone, open the email, click the link and in two seconds I have the recipe ingredient list.

Sharecipe Recipes on the go - Share This!

It has for been a game changer for me.  I can on the fly jump to the grocery store and pull up the recipe and ingredients for dinner.  Also, if I find that there is a sale on pork tenderloin, I can pull up my friends’ famous recipe right there in the store.

Of course some of the other items on my grocery list may be missed, but hey, we’ve got dinner!