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I am excited to annouce a new column that I am writing for Madison Magazine on-line.   The column will focus on my life raising a family, starting a business and everything in-between.   The first column was a background on me, Sharecipe and how we got here.

Check it out here at Madison Magazine!

In the column I featured a recipe from my mom, Pumpkin Wild Rice Soup, the perfect soup for Fall!

Pumpkin Wild Rice Soup

Pumpkin Wild Rice Soup



Madison is excited to welcome Michael Pollan from University of California, Berkeley, to our city for three days this weekend!   This visit is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin’s Center for the Humanities and also comes as a part of the Food for Thought festival.  I am continuously intrigued and educated by reading Michael’s opinions on food, the affect of higher fructose in our diets (i.e. diabetes!) and what nutritional information to trust (and not trust).  We will be attending Michael’s session tomorrow night at the Kohl Center, 7pm on September 24th.

“Thirty years of nutritional advice have left us fatter, sicker, and more poorly nourished. Which is why we find ourselves in the predicament we do: in need of a whole new way to think about eating.”  Michael Pollan


Then on Friday morning I am off to San Francisco to attend the BlogHer Conference in San Francisco.  It will be exciting to meet all of the talented food bloggers whom I have been reading for quite some time, such as The Pioneer Woman, White on Rice, Steamy Kitchen, and more!  In addition to a day full of sessions and work, I am looking forward to having a bit of wine and fun…and will hope to return with pictures and stories too.


Happy cooking to all!  Come back soon to see what’s new with me (and Sharecipe!).


This weekend we concluded our first ever Sharecipe giveaway. The July contest was to add recipes and for each recipe you were entered into the drawing for (3) $100 Amex Gift Cheques. In total we came close to doubling the amount of recipes on Sharecipe (YEA!) which will hopefully make Sharecipe more fun for everyone as we look for new cooking ideas and recipes. I have had such fun watching everyone add such delicious, inspiring recipes and have tried many but have so many more to go. Thank you again!

Since we are a start-up, and let’s face it, in budget mode, we did the drawing the good old low-tech way. We assigned each person who entered the contest a number, then put that number in the bowl the amount of times of the “recipes” they added.

August 2009 009

Owen picking the first winner

Then we decided to get the kids in on the fun and went into our backyard and had Owen, Brady and Lily do the drawing. Owen was incredibly excited and of course needed to pick first, then Brady went and reached in and grabbed a number. All was smooth until it was Lily’s turn….when she did what most 19 month olds do and first decided she didn’t want to do it, then after we all pulled and urged her on, she reached in and grabbed about ten and tried to put them in her mouth. This was much to the horror of her older brothers and they quickly started screaming “No Lily, No Lily”! So we  readjusted, put the numbers back and then Owen finished it by picking the last winner.

Lily "helping"

Lily "helping"

Congratulations to Delta Smith, Nicole Smith and Diann Condon, our winners of the $100 Amex Gift Cheques!

New in August!
We are doing another contest in August, but this time you get entered in the drawing for every friend who joins your network through Invite a Friend. Each new friend must be new to Sharecipe. We hope this encourages you to expand your community and start sharing cooking ideas, recipes, and tips with your friends and family.

Also, we just added new features to Sharecipe!!! “Share This” enables you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Digg and send recipes in emails and text messages. Also, we are now opening up “All Recipes” so you can see more recipes on Sharecipe!

And lastly, Happy Birthday to my two sons, Owen and Brady, who have their birthdays in August. Owen will turn 7 years old on August 6th (and has requested steak and frites….so french!) and Brady turns 4 on August 14th. I can’t believe how big they are getting, makes me feel happy, proud and sad all together. Owen had his birthday party last week at Laser Tag (what a crazy, intense place that is) and Brady is having his party at the Little Gym in a few weeks. Never a dull moment.

So we are off to Northern Wisconsin for our first and last summer vacation tomorrow. My in-laws are coming from Oakland with our niece to experience “up north” for the first time. We are hoping for good weather but I KNOW we will have good food. I have planned some great Sharecipe meals and will update this with pictures and stories when we return next week.

Happy cooking!


August 2009 017

Owen, Brady, me and Lily

Here are a few different takes on classic summer recipes from two Sharecipe users (my mother-in-law Nancy and friend Sam). We made these on Friday night and they were fabulous!

Best Ever Margarita!

Best Ever Margarita!

Best Ever Margaritas
May 30, 2009

Nancy Colbert
easy | 4 servings | prep: 10 minutes

This drink is a winner! My friends are always calling for the recipe and hoping that they will be served margaritas when they come to dinner.

1 cup tequila
1/2 cup Cointreau or other orange liqueur
1/3 cup fresh lime juice, plus a little extra for moistening the rims of glasses
1/3 cup water
Sugar to taste
1/3 cup kosher salt for rims of glasses
3 cups of ice cubes

In a small pitcher combine the tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and water. Add sugar if necessary.
Spread out the salt on small plate. Moisten the rims of 4 glasses and dip the rim of each glass into the salt.
Fill the glasses with ice and pour in the mixture.

Gilroy Guacamole

Gilroy Guacamole

Gilroy Guacamole
May 21, 2009
Sam Drahn
easy | 8 servings | prep: 15 minutes

2 avocados
1/2 small white onion – diced
1 medium tomato – diced
5 cloves of garlic finely mined
1/4 sweet pepper chopped
jalepenos or other hot peppers to suit your buds
few tbsp freshly chopped cilantro
1/2 lime squeezed
coarse salt and pepper to taste

start from the top and follow through to the end. discard the seeds of the peppers if you prefer a little less heat. actually stands on it’s own without the peppers because of the extra garlic. chop and mash with a spoon until a nice, think, chunky consistency is achieved. do not blend too smooth.

Brady and Lily on Friday night

Brady and Lily

Brady and Lily

Happy summer cooking!


One year ago we had a simple idea:

There must be a better way to share recipes and connect around food with our friends and family.

This idea grew and in August 2008 we incorporated Sharecipe.  In the fall we found and hired an amazing team and in May 2009 we launched our beta site.  Over the past month we have had our wonderful beta group test Sharecipe, tell us what they liked and what was and more importantly wasn’t working right.  It has been many late nights and weekends of working, discussing, laughing and crying (me, not Alex :))

In the end, we believe Sharecipe does deliver on our goal.  Now there is a better way to share recipes and connect with your friends and family around food.  Through Sharecipe I have been inspired to cook things I never would have dreamed of trying with ingredients I hadn’t heard of and couldn’t (still can’t) pronounce.  Our three children, Owen, Brady and Lily have already eaten many Sharecipe recipes from their Amma, Noni, Aunts, and our friends and neighbors.  And most importantly, we have sat around the table and talked about our blessings and family while we ate an incredible, healthy meal.  And for that we are so excited!

We hope you enjoy the site.  Now it is time to take the night off and go to our neighborhood Bocce Ball tournament/fundraiser for our parks.  I am not playing, though, but I will have a margarita please….


We are so excited to announce that on May 15th we started our private beta test group for Sharecipe! It has been so much fun for me and Alex to see people join, add recipes and start connecting with each other.   Already there’s been so many great recipe questions, comments, Food for Thought “updates” on what’s cooking, and most importantly….over 90 WONDERFUL recipes added!  Woo hoo!

The Beta site will be launched externally very soon  so get your recipes ready!  And if you want to be fancy, start taking pictures of your meals as you make them: they will make your recipes even more fabulous on Sharecipe.

And not to be sappy, but we already feel the amazing connection with our friends and family through seeing their favorite recipes, comments, posts and making some of their killer meals!  We feel blessed to have such amazing, supportive people in our lives and the opportunity to cook with them (even if they aren’t in our house!) has been so inspirational.  And to my mom, thank you for being the ultimate mom, cook, organizer and therapist…love you.


Our yummy Fish Tacos

Our yummy Fish Tacos

Welcome to the official Sharecipe blog!  Sharecipe is pronounced Share-ci-pē.  This is where we will keep you up to date on our progress in launching Sharecipe and any news, events, and milestones we have.

How does Sharecipe work?  It is SO easy.  Just think social networking (like Facebook) for recipe sharing.  All you need to do once you login is to find your friends, “friend” them, and then add a few of your favorite recipes so they can see.  You can be “Shareciping” within minutes!  My favorite features of Sharecipe are the New Recipes, where you can see the most recently added recipes on your network, and the Food for Thought, where you can ask any question, like “Need dinner ideas!” to your network.

I started Sharecipe in September 2007 together with my husband Alex.  I am a self-professed “learning” cook, in that between college, working full-time in tech, becoming a mom of three and eventually a SAHM I have gradually come to cook more and more but in NO means am I especially talented or gifted in the art of cooking.  In fact, I tend to lean towards mainly cooking recipes I have eaten before at a family or friend’s house or my old standbys that I know I can do well…and quickly.

When we moved to Madison in June 2007 from San Francisco, Alex found himself devoid of his mom’s cooking and I felt disconnected from my friends and all of our gatherings around food.  This is where the idea of Sharecipe was born.  We figured there HAD to be a better way for us to keep connected with our friends and family, near and far around food.  Seeing what everyone is cooking, being able to ask questions, share notes, tips and tricks.  And for me to know that whatever I cook from friends and family we love, we know we will love too.

So we hope you enjoy Sharecipe and that it also keeps you connected, inspired and cooking with the people you love!